Universal Studios

Ken Harman & Wayne Coe: Universal “metal letter” design

Overnight Ken Harman and Universal transformed my life.  Suddenly from chasing a dozen vendors, I drew 12 -16 hr days, speeding back and forth to Universal every day, with four to six black and white “comps” (marker, airbrush, Prismacolor on grey toned paper).  

Seven days a week the tireless VP of Advertising, Ken whirl-winded his ideas drawn by his visionary, me.  All my life I wanted my images on posters and Ken demanded poster imagery posthaste.  From my desk to market testing to manufacture: a streamlined process, sans  middlemen and way more lucrative.

Ken & I found working directly liberating.  Breakfast Club, Out of Africa, Back to the Future, Brazil, Dune, visually every poster for a Universal year, an unbroken flurry from my desk to Kens, test marketers to photo-finishers, to printers to your marquee.

Amazingly, some original art remained with me.  Most was swept into deep storage never to be seen again.


The Fly