LA Native Wayne Coe is a director’s secret weapon. 

Just out of Art Center College of Design, Coe was tapped by Universal Studios to create advertising campaigns for films such as Out of Africa and Back to the Future. At 29, Coe put his 3-D imagination and 10,000 hours of art & film experience into writing and directing a feature film, Grim Prairie Tales, starring James Earl Jones and Academy Award-winner Brad Dourif.

Coe applies the visual lexicon, cinematic thinking and directorial experience to translate Creative’s written and verbal visions into industry-leading iconography.  Collaborating on feature films, commercials, title boards and narrative sequences, key frames, special F/X and animation, he illustrates solutions on time and on budget for directors such as Guillermo de Toro (MIMIC), Kyle Cooper (SEVEN, ARGO), and Karin Fong (BOARDWALK EMPIRE).


  1. DESTINY: The Fallen King cinematics

  2. ARGO opening sequence (Academy Award, Best Picture)

  3. SPIDER-MAN I, 2 and 3 title boards

  4. SEVEN titles (New York Times 100 Top Design Achievements of the Century)

  5. PORTAL 2: release teasers

  6. BOARDWALK EMPIRE: title boards

  7. JACK THE GIANT SLAYER pre-visualization for digital animation

  8. STAR TREK feature FX boards

  9. THE CORE feature FX boards

  10. DINOSAURS storyboards

  11. DEAD MAN ON CAMPUS illustration (British art Director’s Award)

  12. BOARDWALK EMPIRE title boards

  13. STORYMAKERS title illustration (Emmy nomination)

  14. NURSE JACKIE title concepts and boards


  1. Receive written and verbal pitches of sequence from director/art director

  2. Perform background research to inform the conceptual development

  3. Develop gags and narrative expansions through thumbnail sketches

  4. Pitch storyboards to the producer and other team members 

  5. Illustrate script pages to emphasize story points visually

  6. Work with director/team members to define staging, assets and story points

  7. Come up with inventive ideas with a sense of entertainment and humor

  8. Develop character personality and dramatic/comedic action

  9. Draw storyboards with little reference for assigned scenes

  10. Develop teaser and trailer concepts where needed

  11. Revise, edit and modify sketches per director's notes  

  12. Provide captions for shot list for story pitch


Bachelors of Arts, Art Center College of Design, Illustration/Film

  1. Practical knowledge of cinematic language, acting and staging

  2. Strong storytelling abilities featuring character, emotion and movement

  3. Strong understanding of animation principles, including emotion, acting, movement.



Master draftsman, Ink & Paint; Photoshop, Final Cut, Motion, Wacom drawing tablet, Iweb design

  1. Able to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visual product

  2. Able to express story and character through drawing

  3. Able to invent and express character action visually

  4. Able to present work in a clear and entertaining way

  5. Able to work collaboratively

  6. Able to work quickly under pressure in a deadline-driven environment