WE HAVE  YOUR KIDS documentary



Taxpayers “shocked”!     Parents “appalled”!   ”Students “screwed”!

Capitalism in Public Education

HD, running time 130 minutes, inquiries contact: Wayne Coe 518-392-2469

1984-85  Movie posters for Universal Studios, including

                designs for OUT OF AFRICA, BACK TO THE

                FUTURE, FLETCH, DUNE and BRAZIL.

1990        Wrote and Directed feature film, GRIM

                PRAIRIE TALES, starring James Earl Jones and

                Brad Dourif.  Pick of the Week: TVGUIDE


1991-09  Storyboarded main title sequences for SEVEN

                (NY Times Top 100 Design Accomplishments

                of the Century), ISLAND OF DR.MOREAU,

                DEADMAN ON CAMPUS (British Art Directors

                Award), MUMMY 1 & 2,  SPIDER-MAN 1, 2 & 3,

                MINORITY REPORT, as well as special effects

                sequences for STAR TREK, THE

                CORE, SPIDERWICK CHRONICALS. ARGO opening.

2009-13  The Avengers, Argo, Jack the Giant Killer, EMMY

               NOMINATION: STORYMAKERS title illustrations.

               NURSE JACKIE title, concept and board.




              Wayne Coe, 518-392-2469, wayne@waynecoe.com