CoeCoe Channel, c’est moi.


Wayne Coe is an Emmy-nominated illustrator (AMC’s Storymakers) and filmmaker (Grim Prairie Tales, with James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif) who makes his career in Hollywood, creating storyboards, main title boards and special effects boards as well as finished illustrations for such films as Seven (NY Times’ Top 100 Design Accomplishments of the Century) and Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3.  His experience in visual storytelling, with working knowledge of shots and camera angles, enables him to create shot lists and excel at envisioning hilarious and monumental short form stories, which he and partner Robyn Perry Coe have used to create teaser and trailer concepts for such films as The Bourne Conspiracy/Ultimatum, Monsters vs Aliens, The Tale of Benjamin Button and more.  Coe’s true love is filming stories, and there’s no more dedicated producer/director to energize your brand with video, as FilmColumbia found when they tapped Coe to create a filmed branding short for the 2010 FilmColumbia Festival.  Building on his fine art practice, Coe created the FilmColumbia logo in black powder on the pavement in front of Chatham, New York’s historic Crandell Theatre, then set it off with a match, to explosive effect.

Robyn Perry Coe has a broad background in writing and editing, with national accounts for print and web promotions including Disney and Paramount.  She’s written and edited articles for Rural Intelligence, Chronogram and The Columbia Paper, as well as Los Angeles’s Artillery Magazine, where she’s a founding columnist.  A passionate interviewer, she has produced print interviews and profiles as well as audio and video podcasts.  In the Berkshires, she creates content and press relationships for clients including Field Goods (Coxsackie, NY), the FilmColumbia Festival (Chatham, NY) and the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School (Great Barrington, MA).  

Coe Coe Channel sells your story through multichannel marketing, from copywriting and editing, blogs, press relations, and print and visual content, to create fame around your brand.  Conveniently located two hours from New York and Boston, at the crossroads of the Berkshires and Manhattan film industries and a heartbeat from Hollywood, CoeCoe Channel looks forward to meeting you.