NYSTRS, NYS Teacher’s Retirement System is a tax funded, private equity portfolio.   NYSTRS’s advocate, Mr. Indelicato, called NYSTRS a “creature of statute” and “quasi-public” entity.  He also threatened me saying if I recorded his comments he would consider it, “actionable.”  

The election buying committee.  Millions for union-toadies, simple and effective.

VOTE-COPE, teachers union campaign financing raised $114,000 in 2014-15 school year in Chatham, NY.  Chatham’s School board members are installed by the union endorsement, through the union-voting bloc.  Controlling boards, the teacher’s union controls: budgets, bonds and school closings.  Teachers close schools.

SPECIAL INTERESTS, TEACHERS UNIONS AND AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Terry Moe, Stanford professor explains, superb organizers, #1 federal lobbyist in the U.S. and over 4 million member votes make them among the most powerful political forces in politics. 


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