Parents and students heroically fight the education industry when it’s corrupt consolidation threatens their kids; they become the first in the nation to stop surveillance cameras, stop a bond and stop a school closing. Parents call it investigative, political & informational.

Coe’s star is a monster. What industry contains the #1 federal lobbyist for 21 years? What industry profits a million bucks for each of the 1600 poor kids schools it closes each year ($1,6 billion)? What industry surrounds American kids with military-grade facial recognition cameras and armed police? James Baldwin said, "a billion dollar education industry is more important than the life of a child". In a valorous updating of St. George & the Dragon, the education industry; whose laws, politics, big money and militarization make it seemingly invulnerable; is toppled by heroic parents & kids.

About a million a year is generated for the school company, the district, by closing a public school. Tens of millions are lost to taxpayers. In Chatham, NY, there was 90% public opposition (poll) to consolidation, resistance to the disinformation and ignorance profit motive driving the close. Through the prism of saving a Nationally Acclaimed school, Coe reveals the Industries Machiavellian tactics implemented on the public. Parents are “Appalled.” Taxpayers “Shocked.” Students “Screwed”.

Using his years of communication experience, Coe fights pedagogues with public speaking, FOIL research, articles, radio appeals, cartooning, house decorations & YOUTUBE. The school retaliates ratcheting up hostility with each bitter battle for what administrators consider their consolidation loot.

Are Public schools the further erosion of the America we grew up believing in — once-respected institution failing to serve the people?  Like the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, big money has so influenced these institutions that they can no longer pretend to serve citizens. WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is an urgent parental reconsideration of and spirited student critique from within, the belly of "public education".