Kids struggle to save their nationally acclaimed school from an education industry militarizing against them. A financial noir and exposé of heroes who become the first in the nation to stop a school closing.  WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is journalism parents are calling “urgent” and “important”.

Ninety eight percent of Chatham students poll against a dangerous consolidation plan and a concerned citizen, two time Emmy-nominated artist, Wayne Coe, does what we've been taught to believe is the duty of all citizens: to care and participate in their communities, only to run up against a bigger foe than he ever expected.  Behind the white picket fence, an imperious school board is the tip of an ice berg of corruption that involves unions, insurance companies, Banking and Wall Street, making New York education the highest in the nation. Watch administrators bring in armed guards that the parents don't want!  Watch them put their students in a more dangerous location!

Trains circle the lower schools carrying oil, ethanol, nitric acid, flammable and corrosive cargos (both in story emphasis and in shots) are the theme throughout, a visceral motif all people of common sense will understand and the school has no good answer for it.  While they pursue consolidation profits, the kids grades are declining 8% a year. The administrators are not looking out for the best interests of the students.

Public schools are the further erosion of the America we grew up believing in.  Another Domino. Another example of an American institution - once respected - failing to serve the people.  Think Congress, the Supreme Court, big money has so influenced these institutions that they can't even pretend to serve the citizen any more. Public school are suffering all-too-familiar ills of American empire: Wall Street greed, unchecked militarism and perhaps most importantly press propaganda denying how rich companies profit from closing poor kids’ schools.