Wayne Coe


Heroic parents take on a corrupt administration when their million-dollar consolidation endangers their kids. WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is the truth behind the first parents to stop a school closing.

Kids, parents, and taxpayers tell a rare “people's history” while fleshing out systems of domination in and out of school. When they discover inequality is driving school closings this becomes citizen vs state, "Mr. Smith Goes to the School Board".

Coe’s star is a film-noir monster. The star is the #1 federal lobbyist for 21 years. She profits a million bucks from each of the 1600 poor kids schools closed a year. She's surrounded American kids with military-grade facial recognition cameras and armed police. She's an invulnerable trillion-dollar industry brandishing laws, politicians, and police till heroic parents & kids take up the challenge. An underdog indie, urgent and important.

Are Public schools the further erosion of the America we grew up believing in — once-respected institution failing to serve the people? Like the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, big money has so influenced these institutions that they can no longer pretend to serve citizens. WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is an urgent parental reconsideration, spirited student critique, digging deeper than DARK MONEY, we name names in the violent financial underworld of so-called "public school".